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Will cancelled contract (work no longer needed) with zero activity affect JSS?

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Hi everyone,


I recently had a former client reach back out needing more work. Our last contract ended successfully with a 5 star review.


He sent me a second job offer after we discussed the scope and project needs. However, after accepting the offer, I stopped hearing from the client altogether.


I followed up consistently and finally heard back after a month. The client has been busy and needs to hold off on having the work done.


He asked if he should "pause" the hourly contract or cancel it altogether.


My question is:


Which will have a more negative affect on my JSS - pausing or cancelling?


I don't want to pause it in case he decides not to restart the job at all.


I'd rather suggest he cancel it, with the reason he submits to Upwork being, "job no longer needed."


I'd like to get some more experienced feedback before asking that, though.


If he cancels the contract and indicates that the work was no longer needed (in other words, doesn't indicate that the reason was because of me), will my JSS still go down?


If that does still bring my JSS down, does anyone know whether or not an inactive/paused contract would hurt my JSS more or less?


Thanks for your help.