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Will ending a contract you haven't received payment yet affect your JSS?

Hi everyone, I applied for an hourly job got interviewed and got the job but the client switched to a fixed rate project on the last minute.


He seems like a nice guy which is why I accepted this last minute change.

Fast forward a couple of days, I finished almost all the discussed tasks, aside from 1 which I am still waiting on, but I am now starting to get new sets of tasks from this client and his other developer that are not part of the initial agreement.

Is it possible to step off this job without affecting my JSS? One thing is the client haven't released his payment for the initial agreement yet.

The due date was yesterday but it is impossible for me to complete it as they haven't given the last task described on the initial agreement but are giving me new sets of tasks now.

When he gave me a new set of tasks I told him that I would need additional payment for them, he agreed but have not adjusted the contract to accommodate the new tasks.

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If you end the job, the funds in escrow will go back to the client. Ending the contract won't affect your JSS, but the client can leave you bad feedback, which will. 


Why not just tell the client to release the payment for the work you've done and set up a milestone for the new tasks and then you'll get started on the next phase?

Hi Tiffany, thank you for the reply. I see, how sad indeed.

Got it, I will go with your advice. I will do my best to not place myself in the same situation again in the future.

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Job post and terms changes once the proposal is submitted do have certain reasons and implication. If you still go ahead than you must be sure to understand the reason for the change. Have you submitted the work for the milestone you completed. If not, than you must first do the same.

Post that as Tiffany have suggested, you can propose new milestone to client for the new requirement. Please be clear with client in understanding that the latest work requirement is not a revision rather a new requirement which you will look forward to cover under new milestone.


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If you have not recieved any monies from the client, your JSS will be unaffected. However, if you have received monies, they can leave Private feedback to Upwork which can affect JSS. Have a great day!

The client may leave feedback on any contract, even if no money changed hands. In fact, if they are the one to close the contract, they are forced to do so (even though they may have no basis for leaving feedback).


If no money has changed hands, public feedback will not appear on the freelancer's profile. 

Yes, they can leave private feedback, however with zero monies changing hands, it has no impact on JSS. JSS is based upon dollar amounts. For example as a private review, a $10,000 contract has more affect on JSS than a $1,000 contract. No monies = LITTLE JSS change.

I believe that it makes more impact if I worry more about client deliverable and annoynace rather JSS. If any individual is focussed on client deliverable and exceeding expectation worrying situation like JSS will never be there.

William T C wrote:

Yes, they can leave private feedback, however with zero monies changing hands, it has no impact on JSS. 

That isn't true, as I've pointed out to you before. Negative private feedback DOES count towards your JSS, even if nothing has been paid. Read the moderator's response if you don't believe me. 

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Hi Daniel and others,

To clarify, while the parties won't be able to provide public feedback on a contract that didn't have any payments, they can still provide private feedback. If the client provides positive private feedback on a contract with no earnings, that contract will be excluded from JSS. If the client specifies in their feedback that the contract had a negative outcome, that will be counted in the score.

If the client doesn't provide private feedback on a contract with no earnings, that contract will be excluded from the JSS calculation.
~ Valeria
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