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Will it be better to continue completing a project that takes too long to finish or just end it?

Need advice/suggestions please.


A part-time project is taking too much time to complete. While the client seems very understanding, no one can say how the feedback will be like because of this delay. But it will look unprofessional to just end it after dragging too long. 


What will you do in this situation? 

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Maria, I would talk to the client before the end of the contract, to get general feedback personally, and to level up client's attitude to you. Regards, Julia.

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The client does not actually care if YOU finish the project.


The client DOES care about the project though, and she DOES care a great deal if the project is completed.


I agree with Julia's excellent advice: TALK to the client.


Tell the client that you want her project to succeed, which is why you are providing estimates of how long it will realistically take YOU to finish the work. Tell her if you can't finish the work at all. If you provide her with useful details, then you are part of her team and you are helping her achieve her goals. Even if that means she hires other people to work on this, and even if it means you stop working on the project. If you put the success of her project first, then she will appreciate your efforts and your honesty and this will be reflected in any feedback you receive.

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