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Will my Agency Earning be Reflected on my Freelancer Account?


I have an agency here on Upwork and I am the only member there. 

I recently took on a hourly job under my agency. My question is 

  1. Will the agency income be reflected on my freelancer profile ? This is what I see when I go to report.Screenshot 2021-08-08 at 12.35.46 AM.png

Hi Mofazzal,


The rates and payments showing to the freelancer and in the reports will depend on how you've set the financial privacy setting in the agency roster. If it’s set to private, an agency freelancer won’t see rates. However, since you're the owner of this agency, you should be able to switch to the agency profile, view the rates, and also change that rate privacy setting in the roster if you'd like to. Please note that you'd have to upgrade to the Agency Plus membership to change the privacy setting though. 

~ Luiggi

Hi Luiggi,

My question was will my agency (i am the only one in it) earnning be reflected on my own freelancer account?

For example if my freelancer earnning was $400+ & if I earnned $100 from the agency, will my total earnning be displayed as $500? (see screenshot)

Hi Mofazzal,


Your total earning includes your earnings as an individual freelancer and any earnings you earned as part of an agency. You can refer to this help page for more information.


Thank you.




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  1. Will the agency income be reflected on my freelancer profile ? 

I don't think the Upwork moderator understood your question...or maybe I don't understand it. Your question is about your public profile that is shown in the marketplace, correct?  I have an agency, too, and my agency income doesn't show in my pubic profile. I'm pretty sure yours won't either. That said, there is a convulded process around setting up your agency profile and freelancer profile to begin with.  So, I'd clarify your question if you want to get a straight answer. 

Hey David,

Yes, you are right. 

I wanted to learn...will my freealancr profile income be displayed as $500+ total earnning if I earnned $100 last week from my agency and not a dime from my personal freelancer pofile.

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