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Will my JSS be affected by inactivity?

Hello, upwork community. 


I just recently got my top rated badge, and since then, I have been more conscious about my JSS. Currently, I am working on a big project (compared to my past projects) to which the contract is still active, and I have been working on it for about 2 months now. and I reckon it will not be finished in the next 1 month. I have just recently finished all of my other contracts aside from this big project, so this contract is all I have left. I have also been sending job proposals here and there, and the most I get is winning an interview. So given that I still have an ongoing contract but is projected to end after 1 month, and I just  occasionally win proposals in job posting, but no new contracts are made/closed, will this be considered as inactivity in upwork? Will this also affect my JSS if that is the case?


Thank you so much for answering. I wish you all a pleasant day.


Hello Josiah,


Inactivity or not receiving a new contract on Upwork will not affect your JSS negatively. We understand that long-term relationships are a sign of success and great outcomes, that's why they count positively in the Job Success score. The score may decrease only if the freelancer receives poor private or public feedback on a contract or jobs completed in the past with great feedback fall off of the calculation. You can refer to this Help article for more information.


Thank you

Pradeep H.


Hello Pradeep,

I have a question about your response. My JSS just decreased by 4% this week and no recent client gave me a feedback that can affect the JSS to go down. What could be the possible reason why my JSS suddenly decreased.

Hoping for your response.

Thank you,


Hello Dinah,


Thank you for your message. One of our team members will reach out to you via ticket as soon as possible to assist you further.


Thank you.


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