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Re: Will upwork ask me for accept after client accepts my proposal?

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Giga G Member Since: Oct 12, 2015
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Hello, everyone. I just found a job that is exactly corresponding to my skills and this is my first time on upwork so one thing I am not sure about is, if upwork is going to ask me again if i'm ready for work after client accepts my candidature. To make it more clear, here is what I mean.

I make a bid for a project I like then client and I make some conversation about project and clien decides I'm good for this kind of job. So client accepts my bit. After this should I accept too? Or once client accepts I'm forced to start the job.

I mean maibe I will find out some details after conversation, details which are not acceptable for me and decide to not work on this project?

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Mikila S Member Since: Sep 12, 2015
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...If the client wants to hire you, he will make you an offer. You can then "accept" or not accept the offer.


If you accept the offer, the contract between you and client will be initiated.


You said that you're new here. If you haven't already, read the posts about "job warnings" and "want to get that first job".


They will come in handy.


All the best to you!



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Barbara W Member Since: Sep 10, 2015
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Well put! Basically, yes, you will be able to confirm the details of the job once the job offer is extended to you.


Do not begin working until this contract is in place, and do not feel forced to work under a contract you don't agree to.


This can be a negotiation process. Use it that way if you feel you need to.

- Barbara Herrera -
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Tamaz J Member Since: Nov 4, 2014
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Hi Giga,

Welcome to Upwork.

Ladies already gave you an advice. Let me add couple more.

The holly grail of freelancing here:

- NEVER start working unles you have contract. Contarct means the client sends you an offer (huge green button) with contract details (i.e. what you have to do) and if you agree then pressing that green button saying ACCEPT. That's the very moment from were your contract started.

- NEVER do a free work. Some unfair clients trying to catch a newcommers and ask something like "let me test you first and I'll give you a contract based on results".  Free work is against the rules.

- You're NOT forced to do anything here. If there is a contract you're granted then you follow the accepted contract details what you and your client agreed upon.  Anything extra is between you and your client. 

- And one of the most important thing relatively recently introduced here, so called Job Success Score (JS Score).  At this point this important. I'm recommending you to go in the topics here on this JS score to get more insights.

For the beginning very nice topics for newcommers:

Also, I recommend you to be a frequest visitor to this forum and topics. There are lot thigs we're discussing/sharing among us.

The best of luck.