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Wire Transfer to Egypt

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Marwa A Member Since: Oct 27, 2014
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Hi all,

Since Skrill is no longer an option to withdraw money and send it to Egypt, I`ll have to use wire transfer, so my question is: does the data of the bank account have to match with the data here on upwork? or is it ok to use a bank account of a friend or relative?

Also please share your experience if you know what is the best bank to open USD account?



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Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Marwa,


Please note that all payment options require freelancers to use their own accounts, in their own, legal name, matching their profile name. Also, it would appear Payoneer is supported in your country.

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Marwa A Member Since: Oct 27, 2014
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Yes, but Wire transfer is cheaper than Payoneer so I want to try it.

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Alaa E Member Since: Dec 10, 2018
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I am confused between Payoneer and Wire Transfer!
Can you tell me the difference and why did you choose wire transfer?
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Amr S Member Since: Apr 5, 2016
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payoneer is a USA service, you will receive a credit card by post [me and my friends got issues receiving it], when you withdraw your money from ATMs you will get charged a bit high rate. The best thing about it, you will never deal with any Egyptian entity which is a real pain

[review payoneer fees]


Wire> you can withdrow  your money directly to your bank, upwork will charge you $30 plus the bank fees [arround 12$], still cheaper than payoneer when it comes to thousands as you got ATM limits here

I have struggled with my bank [QNB AlAhli] for years, and had to provide different papers, even asking for papers from the third parties! Now thin is fine, they ask for a couple of papers every withdrow and that is all. Also Try to avoid any public bank 

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Mohamed H Member Since: Oct 23, 2016
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Yesterday, I requested my first ever withdrawal via wire transfer to my USD account in the National Bank of Egypt (NBE). Hopefully, I will share my experience in a few days.

I can only tell that since the devaluation of the EGP, opening a USD account or perhaps any other currency requires a certificate of earnings from a place either you or someone that pays for you are working at. I haven't tried to provide Upwork's certificate of earnings though.


Even after opening an account of yours, banks may not accept a transaction from Upwork as they have stupid regulations concerning foreign currencies. For instance, they refuse wire transfers from Skrill because they think of it as a thing people who launder money use. In both cases, money will return to you minus the withdrawal fee of course and well, this sucks.

The worst thing is that they won't tell you whether they will accept it or not, you have to rely on someone else's experience or just give it a try. I took my shot with NBE; however, other banks thay may have good reputation about this are CIB, QNB and Faisal Islamic Bank. Some of them usually "hold" the transaction for a few days and you will have to intervene by providing Upwork's certificate of earnings for them to clear the money.


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Marwa A Member Since: Oct 27, 2014
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Hi Mohamed,

thank you so much for replying,

yes I tried with NBE before with no use for the same reasons you mentioned, but it`s the first time I hear of Upwork's certificate of earnings, I guess I`ll give it a try with the private banks.

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Helmy E Member Since: Jan 4, 2017
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Hello Marwa and Mohammed,

As per the regulations of the CBE (Central Bank of Egypt), all personal accounts must be created with only one currency which is (EGP), and based on that, unless you already have a dollar account opened already, the bank should and will ask you for a prove of earnings (which you can print out from your upwork), but in some cases, the bank simply declines the transfer and deducts the fees only. To avoid all troubles you should seek a semi Egyptian bank like HSBC or Faisal Islamic bank which allows you when you open an account to accept 4 different currencies including EGP, Euro, and Dollars. Or you can simply order a Payoneer card, which is a more convenient way to withdraw your money from any ATM.


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Marwa A Member Since: Oct 27, 2014
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So Payoneer doesn`t require bank account? if I have this card, can I withdraw my money in USD from any ATM?

Sorry if the questions are a bit naive, I`m inexperienced with this stuff.

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Mohamed H Member Since: Oct 23, 2016
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You can only withdraw in the local currency from any ATM worldwide; that means you will receive EGP in Egypt, USD in the USA and EUR in Europe; you can use the Payoneer card anywhere in the world, but you will withdraw the local currency of the country you use it in.

Apart from that, you can withdraw your Payoneer balance to a local bank account which only works in local currencies as well.


To sum up, among the withdrawal options we have, the only way to obtain cash USD is wire transfers to USD bank accounts.