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Wise alternative (Formerly Transferwise)

Hey. I used to cashout my Upwork earnings via Wise (formerly Transferwise) to my virtual USD bank account. And now the company (Wise) has stopped working in my country (Ethiopia) and I am no longer be able to withdraw my Upwork balance to the virtual USD bank account. Would there be any other alternative apart from Payoneer? Thanks! 


Hi Muhamed,


Thank you for reaching out to us. You have several options for your payment method and you'll be able to see them when you go to your Get Paid section in your settings. You may check this help article for more information.

~ AJ
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a bit late, sorry.. But I'd like to know some alternatives too.. 
I am the owner of a LLC and I used Wise Business to receive paymants and then use debit cards in Spain with decent exchange rates from $-€.
Recently Wise cancelled all cards from US based business... So I am looking for something that allows US business accounts, has debit cards, and acceptable exchange rates 😄

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Hi Muhamed, did you find any alternative other than Payoneer and Local bank transfer?

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