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Wish List: Search Enhancements

These go into the wish list bucket!


(a) I would love to see some advanced search filters available to freelancers seeking jobs, much more like what the search filters look like on the Client side for "find freelancers". Ye olde "turn about is fair play" -- clients can filter on many specific criteria regarding freelancers; seems freelancers should be able to do the same regarding clients and jobs. 


I imagine filters such as:


Client Related

  • Client Payment Method Verified (biggie!)
  • Client Member Since
  • Client Hire Rate %
  • Client # of open jobs
  • Client # of current contracts
  • Client # of completed jobs
  • Client Total Spent
  • Client Hours Paid
  • Client Average Rate Paid
  • Client Name (for those times we already know the Client and want to see what they current have open)
  • Client Location
  • Client Last Activity

Job Related

  • Job Level
  • Job Hours Per Week range
  • Job Length range
  • Job Skills

(b) For both freelancers and clients, it would be great to be able to save a filter set and even better to have it applied by default to our searches.


Yup, give us the moon and we ask for the galaxy.


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