With how many proposals is it useless to bid for?

Hi Freelancers!

I'm Mario, have been on Upworks for several years now.


I've seen some projects that have 30 proposals, even more.

Have you ever won a bid joining in with so many posters? If the project is worth less than 500 dollars, is it worth it?


Thanks for your comments



It all boils down to how competitive your profile is. Ideally, I prefer applying to the jobs as soon as they are posted, and when there are less than 10 proposals. However, I've still won jobs when there were 50+ proposals. 


You need to perform an analysis on the proposals you have submitted to see where you stand out. I personally compare the amount of word with the job budget. Sometimes, it is even worth applying to a $20 job and sometimes the $1,000 jobs are too demanding. In short, it is difficult to decide applying to a project merely on the basis of budget.


Everybody's thing is different.  I actually had a client come back on a project with more than 30 proposals today and I proposed something like 3 days ago.  I was in the running but I withdrew because it was not a good fit.


I can't answer worth.  Some people won't get out of bed for $500, some people that will last them months.