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Withdraw applications?

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Chelsea M Member Since: Jan 3, 2015
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I've submitted several applications over the last couple days. I've gone back to check on all of them and have noticed a couple already have a hire listed as of a day or so before. Since we have limited job apps available, is there any reason why I shouldn't withdraw those applications to make room for jobs that are still hiring?
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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Hmmm... It is really a tactical decision you will have to make, based on your situation, how much you want to land a new job and need to free up your quota, and the look of an individual job. In MOST cases, once you see that a job posting has already hired somebody, then that is it. It's over. But some jobs will hire multiple people for the same job, even if they do not say officially that they are looking for multiple freelancers. And sometimes an original hire will not work out and a client will want to hire somebody else in the candidate pool.

But these are the exceptions. So for me, if there is a job I REALLY want, I'll leave my application in even if I see they hired somebody. I don't withdraw applications for no reason if I see somebody was hired. But I am running short on application quota and I am interested in applying to some new jobs, then that is reason enough for me to go through my applications submitted during the past seven days and withdraw those sent to jobs which are now filled.
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Aseem B Member Since: Dec 20, 2014
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Just wanted to add, your job applications that are older than 7 days are automatically sent back into your quota. So if you decide to withdraw an application, make sure it is not more than 7 days old otherwise it will not refresh your quota.