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Withdraw method problem

I recently got back to upwork and wanted to get a payoneer prepaid card delivered since i totally forgot what card i was using in odesk so i'm looking to change the withdraw method to a standard payoneer card but the edit option and add payoneer as a payment method is absent. I'm asking if you can remove the old card or whatever bug that is restraining my access to the menu so i can get a fresh start with a payoneer card 

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Hi Bilel,

Please contact Payoneer and have them disassociate your Payoneer account with Upwork, then we can remove it from your settings and you can add the new Payoneer account.


The problem is that i forgot what is the credit card that is associated with this account it has been too long i dont even know if it was a payoneer.I have no idea how to proceed and dont know which mail is the credit card from, that is why i am going to make a new one and add it as a withdraw method.

Hi Bilel, 

Your Payoneer account should have the same email address as your Upwork account. This means that when you setup your Payoneer/Upwork account, you used the same email address. When you get in touch with the Payoneer account team, please send them the email address you are using on your Upwork account so that they can assist you.

~ Avery

Hi Bilel 

From the Payoneer side of things, I would advise you to contact our custopmer care team and they will help you out directly. As Avery also mentioned, your email address for your Upwork account and Payoneer accounts should be the same.

If it is easier for you, you can PM me your details and I will follow up.   

Sivan - Community Manager at Payoneer

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