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Withdrawal Payment from Upwork

Hi Team,

any help about this I have withdrawal amount in March 14 2018 after pass 8 business days i decide to contact upwork to ask about this they told me to communicate with my bank to get information about this as on they part they have alredy send the withdrawal request


My bank reply to contact after 10 business days incase i will not receive the fund as they inform me it sometimes take 10 business days payment to reach to them


After ten days i start a folloup with my bank to investigate this they inform me that they have not receive any notification about that transaction and they decide to ask me to get what kind of the Swift receipt was used to issue that payment


I back to The Upwork Payments Team to request for that Swift receipt which was issued by their partner bank, after receive I decide to share with my bank and my bank reply with the following feedback


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I request them to retuen my fund to my upwork account they reply that they still waiting notification of return amount from my bank (am shock my bank can't reply on anything because no any information have been received) they reply me to keep wait because upwork partner bank take some days to reply I keep on wait 1 week they reply we are still waiting for out partner bank to reply so today is almost 1 week with 3 days i keep on wait and today they contact me they ask me to provide them my bank statement which shows all transaction since March 14 2018

Can anyone who have face thing like share something here because am stuck


Hi Lusato,


I'm sorry to hear this issue. I see that our team is already assisting you in resolving this. They will continue to assist you directly on your ticket. Thank you!

~ Joanne
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