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Withdrawal Problem to Pakistani Bank



Is there any other Pakistani Freelancers / Agency facing issues in receiving of funds from upwork to Pakistani Bank


I recently requested withdrawal and funds got rejected almost instantly.


I called third party bank (Askari Bank) and they said that there is some change in State Bank of Pakistan policy to accept payment from upwork and they are no more accepting payments from upwork.


However I refuse to accept this as this cannot be possibly true. A lot of freelancers and companies work from Pakistan and generate Revenue for country.


Please let me know if any one else in Pakistan having similar issue.



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No this is not true. You can easily make withdrawals.

Plus if you still have an issue you can use Payoneer.

Dear Atifa,


Many thanks for your response however payoneer charges are very high.


I would stick with Direct Bank Payment as its the most convenient way to receive funds specially when we withdraw significant amount every month



Hi irfan,
I want to know about payments trough askari bank account. Are you still using askari bank account or not? Is there any issue with the account or it is going smoothly? Please guide me i have account in askari bank and want to attach that account here

Dear Larrab,


We do not use direct ban transfer to pakistan and now only use payoneer.


Payoneer then transfer funds to pakistan without any issue.


Sorry we do not bank with Askari Bank





Hi Larrab,

Actully I am also curious to know about your experience with Askari bank, can you please tell me that the payments through payoneer are smoothly withdrown from Askari bank or not.


I suggest you should visit your bank or helpline. Many local bank support members do not have a clear concept of remittance.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Irfan,


Please communicate with your bank's main office or consider using a different bank in order to set up and continue using the same withdrawal method.

~ Vladimir
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