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Withdrawal from Upwork to Paypal Missing

On April 22nd I placed a withdrawal from Upwork to Paypal.  Normally this is a instant transfer and my funds are in my Paypal account within 5 minutes.  Here we are Almost 48 hours later and I still dont have it. I chatted with someone this morning and they said that they would look into it.  That was 6 hours ago and I still have heard nothing from them.  


This was a large withdrawal and I thought that , it might have  had something to do with it, but it wasnt.  Client said that the funds were removed from her card the day that she closed the contract.


Is there anyone out there that can help me please?  


Everything was taken care of about 30 minutes ago.


Thank you for your help.

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Hi Misty,

Upon checking your account (and as you also mentioned)  I can see that you do have an open ticket about this Paypal payment concern. I'll follow up with the team that will be looking into this issue and they will update you directly via an email ticket. Thanks!


Thank you.  Hopefully this can be dealt with quickly.  

Bills dont wait to be paid.Smiley Happy


Misty McCoy

@Nina K.

This afternoon the withdrawal was reversed and placed back into my Upwork account.  While on the phone with customer support I tried again to send to my paypal and it still wont go through.  

They are telling me I have to wait another 24 hours to see what it does.


Any help on this  matter?  I have never had this problem before.



Hello Misty,


I'm sorry to hear that. Kindly wait for 24 hours for your earnings to reflect in your PayPal account. If your earnings are still not in your PayPal account, please respond to this thread. Thank you for your patience.


Everything was taken care of about 30 minutes ago.


Thank you for your help.

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