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Withdrawal not credited to account.


I had requested a withdrawal on 25th April 2018 via Direct to Local Bank Transfer, and the request was processed on 26th April. The expected date of delivery was 1st May 2018. However I have not received the money in my account yet. Can anyone please help me on the same?

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Hi Darshan,

We can confirm that the withdrawal was succesfull on our end. However, if you still haven't seen the funds reflect in your bank account after 8 business days from the withdrawal date, then please reach back out and at that time we will be able to initiate a trace of your funds for you.


I am in the same situation. I made the withdrawal on 23 April. I got confirmation that it was processed on 24 April. In the confirmation, I was told to expect the money by 27 April. I waited. April 27 came, still no money in the bank. Reached out to upwork, told me to wait for 5-7 days and on the 8th day (4 May 2018), if the money is still not in the bank, I could reach back out to UpWork Support and they could initiate a trace.

It is now 9 May 2018, 3rd business day from 4 May 2018 and still no sign of the money in my bank.

I have called my bank and gave them the upwork reference ID to see if they can find it. Unfortunately, the upwork reference ID is useless outside of upwork. I was advised by the bank to talk to upwork (which I am doing incessantly) and get the answers from them.

I talked to them via the tickets, emails, and facebook messenger and still, no resolution to my woes.

Can't somebody just reach out to me!?

Paolo M.
HTML/CSS Specialist, Frontend Developer, Bootstrap Genius

Hello Paolo,


I'm sorry to hear that. I just made a follow up on your tickets, one of our team representatives will get in touch with shortly. Thank you.

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