Withdrawal to payoneer account problem

I use Payoneer for 18 months and I have no problems. But the last two attempts to transfer money to the card have not been completed.

From 08/20/2017 and 08/25/2017, the message 'Processing Card Load' is constantly running and nothing is happening.
I contacted their support and everything I achieved was that they asked me to send them copies of my ID card. I send copy immediately. Since then, several days have passed and I have no feedback.


I am very disappointed with such support. Why do I need my ID? They have everything in their computers - both my documents, my data, and all the transactions I've done.


Hi Gordan, 

I am unsure why Payoneer would need your ID, and why it's taking time for their support team to get back to you. I would suggest that you continue communicating with them to resolve your issue.

~ Avery

Hi Gordan,

Thanks for posting your message and raising this question. At Payoneer we are committed to ensuring the safety and security of your funds, which is why we do at times request identification from our customers. I apologize for any inconvenience or delay that may have been caused to you. If you are still waiting for your funds or need any assistance, feel free to PM me and I will do my best to help.



Sivan- Community Manager at Payoneer

Thanks for the explanation, Sivan.


I was always pleased with the Payoneer service. I still recommend it to everyone. I'm just a bit disappointed with the dispute in response to a problem that I do not bear any guilt. The problem was (finally) solved on Saturday (9/2). Thank you!


To fully clarify the disappointment:
I worked for 15 years (until retirement) as an administrator of a large computer network system. I know what can happen, but I also know that the problems of this kind require urgent intervention and it is unacceptable that the problem is 'overnight'.

I hope this will not happen again.


Now I have another problem. I would not have another thread open if you can help in this:
For ten days now, when logging into Payoneer, the first attempt fails and returns me to the logging page. The second attempt succeeds. It's not that it's scary but irritating.

I thought something was wrong with the password, so I changed it to a very strong pass, but that did not solve the problem.


Best regards!


Hi Gordan,


Glad to learn that the problem was solved Smiley Happy

Once again- I do apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused to you.

Regarding your current issue- happy to look into it. Can you please PM me with the details and your customer ID so I can follow up?



Sivan- Community Manager at Payoneer