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Hello Upworkers.
I'm new to Upwork, I've joined a two months ago, and made a decent amount of money in this short period. However, like many Algerians and African countries, we have payment problem, in other words, there is no way you can receive or send money from countries like Algeria for example (except for payooner) 
The problem I'm having currently is finding ways to withdraw money (Algerian banks don't accept withdrawing or transferring money from websites). That being said, the only way possible is through Paypal ( which also needs a mastercard and can't have it) and Payoneer (which I also can't have because I didn't add a penny to the latest mastercard I received two years ago) 

I thought about transfering money to my brother's bank account in the U.S. but as far as I know it's prohibited by Upwork.

What do you suggest, and also please the customer support (get help) button doesn't seem to be interactive for somereason, can someone please send the link?


Thank you.

best regards

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Rochdi,


You can use any bank account that's in your name or is a joint account that has your name on it as a withdrawal method. If you’d like to explore other ways to receive your payments, you can check the payment method options available to you by clicking on “Add Method” in the “Get Paid” section of your Upwork account (under “Settings”).


Feel free to reach back to us if you have any other questions or concerns and we'll be sure to assist you accordingly or have the correct support team assist you.


Thank you!

~ Bojan
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Hello Mr. Bojan. How do you do ? I live in Algeria and I have joined Upwork. But before I start working I wanted to know if I could get paid. I have a Visa Card from the Bank of Local Development (Banque du Developement Locale). What are the conditions and terms that have to be existant in my Visa Card so that I could get paid? Is there a minimum sum for instance ? Could you clarify this please?

Hi Hafsa. You can find out which payment methods are available in your country by going to User Settings > Get Paid. Check out this article for more info.


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