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Withdrawl on hold for additional review?

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I just wanted to express my feelings about 'Withdrawal is on hold' as I dont see anything else I can do.


So I had bills to cover today, so I told my clients to pay me on 15th, as its fixed-price contract the money would be proccessed on 20th. Well what a shockar to find out that half of the money will be available tomorrow (no big deal but it said 20th in the report section for 4 days), so I contact UW support to atleast get an information on why is it taking a day longer for the other half (it was payed as a bonus and it was billed on 16th apperantly no worries). When I tried to withdrawal frist half that is aavailable, my my what a shocker:


*Your payment is on hold for further review*




And in the email among others it says : If you don't hear back from us within 2 business days.




Thanks for rewarding all my hard work I did trough Upwork with electricity being cut.


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Hi Petar,  Unfortunately Upwork does not take in to consideration your personal problems when transfering money.  These rules are in place to prevent fraud and abuse and to ensure trust worthiness of the company.  Patience is key here.

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Thanks for your reply Valeria!

but we need more detailed info and solution also, as this is not my first payment, and I did not change anything in my payments info, plus I am still waiting for any email with the follow up, so that I can withdraw MY MONEY ASAP, PLEASE

my payment is on hold, with no any further information or steps to follow.

what shall I do now beside waiting ?





Unfortunately, we won't be able to share more details at this time. Every account that requires an additional review will be checked by the team within 1 business day and freelancers will be notified if any additional information or verification is necessary. Otherwise, the payment will be released as usual.


Thank you for your patience.

~ Valeria

Waiting and Hope!

thanks again

Hello may I know why my payment is on hold, in fact, I have mention my all details regarding my bank account ..please guide me Thanks

Hi Muhammad,

I can see that you have already opened a ticket for this, one of our team members will respond back to you shortly and assist you further.

~ Goran
They hold payment in the last week and released after 1 day. Today I have withdrawn and again hold for review. What’s wrong ? Will it happen always for Payoneer withdraw?

Thanks Valeria, 


I wish there will be no issue like this in the future. I mean why don't Upwork ask us for verification in the first place before we withdraw the money? So we don't have to wait for the administrative review and verification like this


For some of us, 1-2 day payment delay is a dead or alive situation. Thanks for the understanding.

It has just happened to me. I'll never understand these kind of procedures. Totally unfair if you consider the time we have to wait for our money and the fees you take. It would be enough to check what you need in advance...



Hello, how long did it take you to get your Money? 

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@Petar A wrote:

1) *Your payment is on hold for further review*


2) ... rewarding all my hard work I did trough Upwork with electricity being cut.


1) This means there is a possible discrepancy. Is your withdrawal method in your own legal name which is the same as your registered Upwork name?


The last person who had this problem had been using his father's Payoneer card to withdraw...


2) If you leave it to the last second to pay your electricity bill before having it cut off that is incredibly careless and bad planning... As a freelancer I would rather not eat than have power and / or Internet cut off. No power - no work...


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Nope, everything in my name, Payoneer and Upwork.

Regarding not eating and paying the internet and power bills ~ Exactly the same, I never had any issues with Upwork before, and thats exactly why I timed the milestones perfectly but while we make plans I guess universe laughs at us 🙂

Thanks for your replay

I have a same issue right now " Your payment of $**  via Direct to Local Bank Transfer account is currently on hold for additional review."


Please help with that issue




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Porkodi, what I did is I contacted Upwork support, the agent escalated my request to a department that does the review to speed up the proccess. I guess you can try the same.
Best regards

Okay thanks peter. i already escalated. But i dont know why it happens. really frustrated

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I hope it won't happen tomorrow for my next withdrawal hahaha 🙂
On why it happenes no idea I'd like to hear an explanation too.

I am also facing the same problem. 

Hi Fahad,

One of our team members will contact you soon and assist you further.

~ Goran
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Hehe its all good now, they released the payment :))
Thanks for replaying on my post guys ! 🙂

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@Petar A wrote:

Hehe its all good now, they released the payment :))
Thanks for replaying on my post guys ! 🙂

 Great news 🙂 You'll have power after all 🙂


I have the same probleme and I am Newfreelancer I need urgently my money but I do not found any issue i have contact the support and I am waiting very sad