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Withdrawl on hold for additional review?

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I just wanted to express my feelings about 'Withdrawal is on hold' as I dont see anything else I can do.


So I had bills to cover today, so I told my clients to pay me on 15th, as its fixed-price contract the money would be proccessed on 20th. Well what a shockar to find out that half of the money will be available tomorrow (no big deal but it said 20th in the report section for 4 days), so I contact UW support to atleast get an information on why is it taking a day longer for the other half (it was payed as a bonus and it was billed on 16th apperantly no worries). When I tried to withdrawal frist half that is aavailable, my my what a shocker:


*Your payment is on hold for further review*




And in the email among others it says : If you don't hear back from us within 2 business days.




Thanks for rewarding all my hard work I did trough Upwork with electricity being cut.


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Hi Petar,  Unfortunately Upwork does not take in to consideration your personal problems when transfering money.  These rules are in place to prevent fraud and abuse and to ensure trust worthiness of the company.  Patience is key here.

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Got same problem,  no withdraw email confirmation.

This has happened a few times in the past.  Generally the Upwork system is behind and I end up getting my withdrawal within a couple hours.


I think if we just exercise some patience we will get confirmations along with transfers.


They would not stop sending confirmation e-mails that is ridiculous.

Same situation here, I usually get an instant confirmation email.  

Same thing happened to me. I have been withdrawing for 10 years now from oDesk/Upwork to the same Paypal account. 40 minutes after withdrawing today, I got an email saying my payment via PayPal account is currently on hold for additional review. Furthermore, I was told to wait within a business day but if I don’t hear from them within 2 business days, I should contact support. What is going on? I need immediate help please as I need the money ASAP.
Myra C.

Mine just went through.

Got it in my Paypal just now, 2 hours after withdrawal. That “Paypal on hold...” email got me into a panic though. But everything’s good now.
Myra C.

I have the same problem, no email confirmation and nothing on my paypal.

Got the same problem here. There must be something wrong and needs to be addressed ASAP

Checked it now and it's already working.




Today after sending necessary documents got a email "A member of our team will be reviewing your submitted documents and you will get an answer in 3–4 business days."


Upwork gave a plateform so that i am selling my skill & earning.Thankful for that.



Today after sending necessary documents and got email have to wait 3-4 more bussiness days for answer. I was mentioned previous it will take just a single business day to additional revies


It Hurts




Thanks. Problem is solved


 Hello Upwork Community,

I requested a withdrawal today 1/24/2018 at around 6:09 AM my time (UTC+6). I didn't get any notifications on the notification bar of Upwork & not even in my email! I waited around 40 minutes & called Upwork, they were talking too long time to respond to my phone today! Surprising!

A Upwork lady said that they had been facing this same problem with other freelancers today. She said Payment has been disbursed but Payoneer is not acknowledging the payment yet. After that, they sent me an email that "Upwork is facing problems in Payment System." Fine!!!

Suddenly I got another email stating that my payment is on hold & one of from Upwork will reach out to me to verify some of my identity!!!

I've been running an agency for around a year & now they want to hold my payment because they don't trust my identity!!! Really embarrassing!


I've got exactly the same issue. Working more than 2 years I never faced with such trouble.


This night, two hours ago, I've requested the payment to Payoneer... But no e-mail confirmation during half hour. Then I've got a message about "Service Disruption" - affected components "Get Paid". After 10 minutes, I'm getting email message telling me that my payment is on hold due additional identity verification. Well, okay, I've been identified two times already, and I don't mind for periodic verification, but weird.


UPD: While typing this message, I'm receiving e-mail that my payment released on Payoneer card. Check your card as well.


As the title says above. I really don't understand, my account is verified and in the last twelve months I've gone through another review process twice where I had to submit to a video chat - which I found very invasive. I've been freelancing on upwork for five years. I've never had a single dispute with a client.


I have a physical disability and work is already really hard for me, I only have a megre income by my nation's cost of living. If I don't even know if I will paid or not - that just seems cruel. The support chat won't tell me anything.


I'm deeply disapointed, if I had of been warned before attempting the withdrawal that the money would not be avaible it would of been different but everthing seemed completely normal until I attempted to make my normal withdrawal to my local bank account. 

Same here, I just posted mine after yours also same with your Subject Title too.


I don't know why this is happening.



I have the same problem. 

Hi Luke!


I have the same problem. I withdrew payment a few hours ago and Upwork sent me the same email.


I've had the opportunity to chat with customer support about this, and here's what they said:

"Please be advised that Upwork has recently upgraded its system. Release of freelancer withdrawals currently requires manual review. The review should take 24 hours or less. But we are working to automate this process at the soonest. Let us know if the withdrawal is not released within 24 hours or if you do not receive a message."


So in other words, it's a system update thing:)


Also, after an hour, I received the "Payment Confirmation" email, and asked CS about this. They also said that upon receiving this email, it means your account is clear and payment will arrive soon!

Hi Henna, it looks like I've had mine released as well. I do hope it is just related to the update and my pay isn't on hold. I find the lack of official correspondence really troubling. A status message or anything would of been better than the email I got saying that my payment is under review and I might need to confirm my identity - as if I'd done something wrong.

Glad to know all of this, it just happened to me!

After years, I just getting same problem when withdrawing my money 😞 hopefully that just system update issue

Aha... 🙂 it just need around 5 minutes to receive my withdrawal after getting Your payment is on hold for further review message. huff..