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Without editing how much is an average price charge for a ghost writing project 10K-40k?

I am a published writer, the thing is. I do not do the editing. My editing is sketchy at best so what does a ghostwriter usually charge for a good story minus the editing in the 10-40 k range. Flat fee? I am not looking to overcharge anyone but at the same time, I want my worth. I don't want to drive the market down, asking me to write a $50 for a novel isn't going to happen and I see that a lot on here.

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I publish on Amazon Kindle. My default developmental editor charges me about $375 for an 80K word book. I've ghost-written at $15/thousand words for no-brainer short stories, about $20-25/thousand words for novellas and novels.My self-editing removes the stray typo, but proofreading isn't needed.


My business consulting now takes all my ghostwriting time.

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I do not understand why a client would hire a writer who says “I don’t edit my own stuff, and it needs it, so you’ll have to hire an editor.” That frankly translates into “I am going to send you substandard work.”


Most writers are grateful for the services of a good editor. The argument is often made that we all need them. That’s a bit different from saying “My work always really, really needs an editor, and that’s your responsibility, not mine.”

I would suggest finding an editor you can work with, and building the cost of their services into your own rates, so you can sell publishable work to your clients.

I fully agree with Michael.


By the way, you really need to do something about your profile. You need to write an overview and remove the "erotica writer" reference as adult content jobs are actually forbidden on the platform.


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