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Work Diary Problem

Is there any support available today?  My work diary keeps saying "Connection Lost" but is still capturing screenshots without uploading the time. I'm trying to learn if this is an issue on Upwork with the Work Diary, or it's just happening to me. I'd like to find out before the work week ends in a few hours so I can add manual time, if necessary. 




Lisa - don't know about the tech problem, but you still have 13 hours to add your manual hours for this week. Although the work week ends in less than an hour, we can still add manual hours until tomorrow noon UTC.

Thanks! That's great to know if my hours don't upload. The work week actually ends here on the east coast in 2 1/2 hours. So I'm not sure if that changes the extra time to add manual time. 

Oh yep, you're right - work week ends midnight UTC, 2.5 hrs from now. So you still have time until noon UTC (*14.5 hrs from now).