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Work Diary not working properly

I recorded 2.5 hours of work on my diary yesterday. It was turned on and off properly and was capturing screen shots fine as i worked.

That time is now not showing and work diary has 0 hours and no screen shots in it??

Hi Richard,


Please check out this help article for advice on how to Troubleshoot the Desktop App. If the issue persists, please feel free to follow up with us here or report the issue via the app:


Click your name at the lower left of the app
Select Support and Feedback
Enter the details of your issue and click Send


This way the team has access to the log file automatically so they can review and assist accordingly,


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Basic troubleshooting based on other freelancers' experiences: 
Check to make sure you are looking at the correct client's work diary

Check to make sure you entered the hours into the correct client's work diary

Check to see if your diary is set on your local time or UTC (does the time appear in a different location due to different time zone being used?)

If you weren't connected to the internet, your time will be saved locally in your app. I think I saw someone post a warning that if you reinstall the app before it is able to upload and sync your locally stored data will be lost but I'm not sure if this is true. 

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