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Work History not showing for more than 8 days

Hello, i landed my first job successfuly and the client's feedback is not showing.

i've tried to clear cache and browser history, but it's no good! i need the feedback to successfuly land my next job!

Please help asap


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it will be shows after 14 days or when a client leaves feedback on your profile


the client did leave a feedback

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I can't see your profile, it is set to private. If you can't change it then a mod will.

I try to make it public but the website say that you haven't earned in a while! start earning to make it public.

and as you can see in the first image, i completed my first job succesfully and the client escrowed the money, it's visible on my profile.


Just wait / be patient for a while. The earning is visible in your screenshot only the feedback isn't. We'll see after the profile is set to public.


And congratulations, so many people here don't get a job for months ðŸ˜€

I'm really thankful, but i didn't know that it's because of the profile visibilty.

thank you very much!

I'm also not sure. It could be cache or something like that. But let's just wait, at least until the profile is set to public. If it's not public then there's no point on having the feedback visible isn't it?


Hi Muhammad,


Thank you for reaching out. Your profile visibility is now set to public and your client's feedback is already showing on your profile. Please note that feedback will appear on your profile within 24 hours after the payment is released, not after the contract ended.

~ AJ
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