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Work diary issue


I'm trying to add manually the working hours but I can, shows up a message saying " This time overlaps with hours you have already logged". But thats not possible because I added 8h of the 40h in this week. It's not the first time that I'm having this problem. Any help would be appreciated! 

Thank you ! 


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Sometimes we get confused about the TIMEZONE.

Because there are TWO timezones:

Local and "universal" (UTC).


Check that.


Sometimes freelancers accidentally log time on a DIFFERENT contract, and don't realize it.


Sometimes we log time on one contract using the desktop time-tracker, and then we go to log time manually on a different contract, and that is the reason that an overlap is reported.

Thank you for your response but I already tried to change the timezone and I still have the same issue. 

I do use tracker in another contract so maybe thats the problem. Any tips in how I can solve this ? 


Thanks in advance! 

re: "Any tips in how I can solve this?"

If it was me, then I would make a note of the time that I am having a conflict with, and I would look through the work diary of every open contract to see if there is a time overlap.

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