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Work history is not being updated



My work history does not seem to be updated in a while. I have ended a contract couple of weeks back, but the work is still 'in progress' status in my profile, and hours for the other contract is not updated as well. Please look into it.


Best regards,


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You may want to do a search. I've seen several threads on this issue over the past week or so, but haven't read them, so don't know what the answer was. They're still out there, though.

Thanks for the information Tiffany. I will do a search

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I had simmilar issue, just do the following:

Make changes to your profile (just add or delete a few words) then save the changes and refresh the page, It worked for me, I really hope that it will work for you too.

Hi Jithendra,


I checked and it looks like up-to-date information is already showing on your profile.

~ Valeria
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