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Working From France, in a Cooperative

Hello everyone,


I know my question has been asked a thousand times, but  I'm in a very delicate and particular situation and need some clear answers. I work in France, but I'm not an auto-entrepreneur. I'm in a cooperative society,  which is a business organization allowing  me to put the money I earn on an external account they handle; with that money, I can then pay myself a regular income (paying all the charges that go with it, of course). Basically, I work like an auto-entrepeneur with the benefits of an employee. 



My questions are:

-   I'm supposed to edit quotations for my clients before the invoices, it's a legal guarantee. Obviously, this is not possible when I work through Upwork, especially with hourly contracts. But how should I handle invoices then? Upwork doesn't allow to have one document with all my earnings and fees clearly displayed for a certain time period. Why?   


- Invoices do not include withdrawal fees, which means technically, my financial transaction doesn't exactly match what the invoices say I earned. Is that a problem? Do I have to pay the fee from my pocket? Does that mean when I transfer the money I should add  that fee? But that would mean that I would have to pay taxes on money I had already earned and paid taxes for. How does that make sense?


-  Upwork doesn't allow to have a bank account not registered at your name. Is it legal to transfer money to my personal bank account and then to the cooperative's? Not that I really have a choice though...


I don't want to do anything that looks suspicious. I barely have any understanding of how accountability works. I've already asked professionals for help, but 1/ they're kind of confused when it comes to platforms such as Upwork, 2/ they're not used the cooperative system. It's really unclear and there's definitely legal uncertainty  in France about these.


Thank you  for reading, and thank you in advance for your help! I'm desperate!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Elissa,


Thanks for reaching out to us. One of our team members will reach out to you directly via a support ticket to assist you further with your questions.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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