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Working Past Unapproved Milestones?



I completed two milestones and the client hasn't approved them yet. It has been seven days since the last one was due and the client isn't online. Should I continue to work on the next milestones just to meet the due date? I'm writing lengthy articles so I'd hate not getting paid. What's the rule of thumb in this situation?


Thank you. 

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Use the official Submit button.




Get paid automatically.


it does not matter if the client goes online.


Do not start any work until the milestone is funded fully.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ethan, 


I checked your contract and it looks you submitted work/requested payment 4-days ago. In total, your client has 14-days to review the work you submitted, and in this case, he still has 10-days left to review your work. We highly suggest that you only start working when a milestone is set, and funded, and your client's payment method is verified. 

~ Avery
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