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Working hours not showing in profile.

Hello, so my first job with this client was a fixed-price one. But we continued working on hourly-price for more than 2-3 months now. So I've been working on upwork for more than a year i think but i'm not very familiar with the "upwork tools" so as usual when we start working i Start the tracking time and I stop it when we finish. But my problem is that I've been working maybe more than 100+ hours with this client but the hours doesnt appear in the upwork profile , it just appear like fixed price.


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If the contract is fixed rate and you want to accumulate hours you need your client to actually change the CONTRACT to hourly. It is a fixed rate contract.


Simply logging time on a fixed rate contract does nothing at all.



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Community Manager

Hi Petrit,


Petra is right, if you want to continue to work with your client on an hourly contract, you may ask the client to change current fix price contract to the hourly one. At this time you have a fix price contract and your client is paying you through bonuses, keep in mind that bonuses are not protected under our Hourly Protection for Freelancers. Please learn about Hourly Payment Protection and weekly billing cycle. You can read this help article for more information regarding Hourly and Fixed-Price Contract Differences. Let us know if you need further assistance. We're here to help.

~ Bojan
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