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Working on Greencard EAD

I am on H1b Visa but I last Friday I have got my Green card EAD but my AOS(i 485 is pendingI. can i work on Upwork now?

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If the person has a legal permit or a type of visa needed to legally work in the U.S., they can register and work on Upwork as a freelancer. To be able to verify your location and submit proposals to those jobs with US location requirement, you will need either of the following - a driver’s license, state ID card, US passport, Green Card. People located in the U.S. will need to complete their W-9 form in their Settings in order to access their earnings. We do suggest talking to a legal adviser about completing W-9 form and the information/documents necessary for it. Unfortunately, we won't be able to legally advise about it.

~ Bojan

Hi Bojan,


I have similar situation to the one above. I am waiting for my green card ready and i already have my work authorization. So i can legally work in US.

But i don't have any of the mentioned documents to upload for ID verification. (Greencard is still in process and it's a year long wait ;-/)

Can i submit my EAD card for verification? Since it has photo on it etc.

How do i do that?


Hi Stella, 

You should be able to proceed with your location verification with your EAD.


As a gentle reminder, please make sure that you have the proper work visas, and tax information to be able to work on Upwork as an online freelancer. I would recommend that you consult with a local advisor regarding this.

~ Avery

Hi Avery,


thanks for you help

unfortunately when i upload my EAD as a proof of identity the system doesn't accept it ;(

can i go through verification manually somehow? via customer service person or anything like that?


ps. i am 100% legally allowed to work in US 




Hi Stella, 

I'll share your issue with the Customer Support Team so that they can reach out to you to assist you further. 

~ Avery

Hi Avery,


Support reached out to me but not really with solution

they mailed me something about 'make sure your photo is not blurry'

but my problem is that i need manual way to verify my location via EAD (US work permit) and Support didn't offer any solution to that.

Hi Stella,


I followed up on your support ticket so they can proceed with your request to manually verify your account since you are getting the same error each time you upload the image.


I would recommend that you continue communicating with the team through the support ticket as they are more equipped to help you verify your location, If you have further questions, or need more information, you may post it on the same ticket thread and the team will get back to you soon.

Hi there,


I have the same issue as Stella. Can you please get in touch with me so I can submit my EAD card for manual verification?



Hi Gabriel,


One of our team members will also reach out to you via ticket and assist you further. Thank you.

~ Goran

I have a valid work authorization and I’m currently awaiting for my green
card. I’m a legal US resident. I can send you copies of everything. I don’t
have a drivers license or state ID but I can send a copy of my lease, tax
returns, green card application copy, and anything else you need. If I’m
legally allowed to work in the US there is no reason for me not to be able
to work on your website.

Hi Goran,


i ahve the same issue with my EAD card. Can you assist with me with getting in touch with the support team to manually submit my work permit?


Best regards,




**Edited for community guidelines**

Hi Bradley,


In order to verify their location, a freelancer needs to provide a state ID, driver's license, U.S. passport or greencard. Unfortunately, it's not possible to verify location without one of those documents but you can still have access to all the jobs in the marketplace that don't have U.S.-only requirement.


Thank you!

~ Bojan

Hi Avery!

Were you able to fix this?
I am on the same situation and before submiting my EAD I want to make sure I wont get my account or funds on hold.


Thanks in advance for your help 

Hi Neida,


Please note that the W-9 form is required for freelancers to be able to withdraw their earnings from Upwork. You will select what filing status you are filing for in the drop-down. If you have any questions about your filing status, we advise you to contact your local accountant or tax advisor. You can also read this and this help article for more information.


Thank you!

~ Bojan
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