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Working outside of UpWork

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Akierah R Member Since: May 8, 2017
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All of the interviews that I am getting are asking me chat in google hangout. I am new to this, so my question is; are they not supposed to do that. They also tell me that I will be working for that company as an independent contractor and will be paid via direct deposit, paper check, or via a card from the company. Are they supposed to do that?

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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These are all scams.

If you continue communicating with these Google Hangouts scammers and do what they ask you to, they will steal $3000 from your checking account.


These are not real jobs.


For now, as a newbie, you need to ignore ALL invitations that you receive out of the blue.


Focus ONLY on jobs that you personally found and submitted job proposals to.