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Working with multiple monitors

Hello. If a freelancer is using the timetracker app while working (on an hourly job )with multiple displays/ monitors, which screen gets the screenshot? I’m assuming that whichever one is set as the “primary” display?
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Both by default (I think). Both of mine get snapshotted anyway. I think there's a way to change it, I'm sure somebody else will be more helpful and actually let you know how. 

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Hi Rebecca,


In this case, you have options:

  1.  Captura Active Monitor
  2. Capture All Monitors


You can choose the option that best fits for your needs on each job. To change the settings for this go to the Desktop App > Click on the Settings Cog > Settings > Screen Capture. Thank you.

~ Goran

Hi, help pls


i dont see that option in my settings 😞 where i can see option to change screen shot settings for multiple device


It's in the settings for the timer app, not the main Upwork settings. Click the gear at the bottom of the timer app, and in the window that pops up, there will be a "Screen Capture" section. That's where the selection is.

Can you clarify the part where it says ''Monitor that contains the active application'' is the monitor that is going to be screen capture is where the Upwork app is located or the monitor that have the application that you are currently using?

''Monitor that contains the active application''  - it captures the monitor that has the app that you are currently using - you can crosscheck this once it takes a screenshot, it will show 'active window' and it should be the app which you were typing/clicking within that is displayed.


Previously I was using 2 monitors but now I have upgraded to use 4 monitors. However the tracker seems only capturing 2 monitors, I have set the capture active monitor on in the tracker configuration. Am I missing something ?


Try using the 'capture all monitors' instead

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