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Working with multiple projects with the same Client via Worksnap

Will Upwork approves using Worksnap as our basis for work time log,  working with multiple projects with the same Client, This is to considered that both partys the Freelancer and Client aggreed using Worksnap, The time extracted from work snap will be manually encoding in Upwork time tracker. 

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If you want to record your time using Worksnap in addition to doing so using the existing Upwork tools. Upwork has no rules preventing you from using both methods.


You already know that Upwork currently does not have any functionality for automatically importing Worksnap time into the Upwork system.


I understand that you would like to see Upwork implement this as a new feature. An Upwork representative may indeed tell you that the Upwork team will look into it.


As a practical matter, you should know that such functionality is a long way off from being in place, even if Upwork decides to move forward with the idea now. You should not expect to see such functionality for at least many years. So if you want to work using Upwork, it will be important for you to understand how time-tracking works here. You need to understand the pros and cons of both manually-logged time and automatically-logged time.

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