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Worst Experience With UpWork Support Team

Hello Fellow Freelancer,

I'm here to recount a bad experience I had with the UpWork Support Team. On August 26, 2023, I reported to UpWork that a client attempted to send me a malicious file. In response to this, UpWork suspended my own account, citing it as a precautionary measure. After exchanging several emails and waiting for a week, my account was finally unsuspended. To my dismay, I discovered that my "Rising Talent" badge had vanished during this ordeal.

After numerous email exchanges, on September 2, 2023, UpWork assured me that my badge would be reinstated within the next 48 hours. However, even after approximately 50 email correspondences and over a month of waiting, my badge has yet to be restored. I find myself disheartened and bewildered that a prominent platform like UpWork could provide such inadequate support. We are all aware of the significance of that badge for new freelancers, and it is disconcerting that UpWork has not taken any action to rectify this situation. Please suggest what I can do in this situation.



Hi Osama,


I understand you're frustrated that the badge hasn't been restored yet after several exchanges with our support team. I checked your support ticket and can assure you that they are working on resolving this for you. We highly advise that you update your support ticket should you have further questions or concerns so everything is in one place and our team can assist you more efficiently. 

~ AJ


This thing i'm hearing from you guys since 26th of august 2023. And today you can see how many days have passed. I'm not sure what is taking this long. It's just a small badge which is very important for me. You guys told me one month ago that I'll get my badge back in next 48 hours and still those 48 hours havent completed. I dont think you guys are taking it seriously.


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