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Worst and best thing a client can say in their ad

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Matthew C Member Since: Feb 4, 2020
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"This should be a simple and easy task for the right person."


Really? Would you hire a car mechanic, plumber, carpenter, electrician and before he begins his work tell him it should be simple and he better do it quickly??? Do you realize how insulting that is to a skilled professional, to think you know better than he does how he should do his job?


I never apply to these ads because I think the tone is wrong from the very beginning. I've seen enough ads worded like this on Upwork that I felt the need to vent.


(Practically speaking, if you don't trust the skills of your freelancer, I suggest testing him/her or looking at samples of his/her work.)


And what's the best thing a client can say?


"I'm looking for advice on whether this is feasible."


That's what I want to hear, someone who actually appreciates my skills and has an interesting and challenging problem for me to solve.


Who wants an "easy" job? Where's the sense of accomplishment in that?

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Bill H Member Since: Aug 18, 2017
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My ideal job post is "There's something wrong with my company but I don't know what."


The issue of "easy, simple, quick" is vast. Most people, in fact, seem to believe "What I do is complicated and difficult, what you do is simple and easy." It's not stupidity or arrogance, it's simple ignorance (usually). Brain surgery is quick and easy, especially if you're an expert. It's also quick and easy if you're dumb as a rock, but the outcome is different.