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Worst experience faced with a client named *edited*

Good day to everyone...


The client,contacted me few days ago asking my availability for an audio editing job. I replied positively and made the day free for the client and when i reached the desk, the client calmly said, "Dont worry, I got one another freelancer" and spoiled my whole day work-plan.


Then today morning, the same client messaged me that he/she have few edits to be done within 2 hours. I was glad to be in contact again and accepted the files and did the edit. The client was chatting through upwork, and after getting the individual files, he/she even asked me to combine the files. After getting what needed, the client shouted with Caps letter " THE EDIT IS NOT CLEAR, I WILL FIND DIFFERENT UPWORK PERSON "


And the client was not brave enough to read a reply from me and blocked me. I wasted a couple hours of my studio work and he cunningly got the needed edits, blocked me and escaped!


I am not a Robot and i am a human with hundred percent positive feedback in upwork and well experienced technician in my field. I have never faced such a rude client in my life.


Robots doesnot need a feedback. But a human does. The client should have clearly explained the problem and should have disconnected the link between us in a positive and humanly way.


Please try not to encourage these kind of people in Upwork.


One request. If the client in case not blocked the admin(!), convey him the message " Try to be Human in his/her remaining life"




Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm sorry to hear your experience, Santhasekar. I'm not sure which contract you are referring to, but if it has already been closed, you can leave appropriate feedback about your exeprience with this client on this contract. 

Please also send this client's information to me via a private message so that I can review it. 

~ Avery

Thankyou. I have messaged you in detail.

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"The client ... spoiled my whole day work-plan.


I was glad to be in contact again and accepted the files and did the edit."


This was the mistake here. As soon as the client jerked you around, you should have blacklisted him permanently. (Not preaching -- I've made the same mistake, but not any more. Any red flag and I am done.)


"When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time." -- Maya Angelou

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