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Would you accept an offer from someone whose gone MIA since?

It's been five days since they sent it in response to my proposal. I had responded within minutes asking most notably which sound in my reel they wanted their voice overs to have. Their bubble stayed green for the next couple of days, meanwhile the job posting showed that they were interviewing several people. (Oddly, now the post doesn't show any interviews.) 


There was no message sent along with the offer; we have never interacted at all.


Escrow is funded. They have social proof in terms of working with real people prior. It's decent enough pay to reread the scripts should they not like the path that I took. But it just feels wierd, and I don't know if I'm overreacting at the same time by not just going ahead and accepting it. 


Would you?

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Yes, if I have everything to start working. No, if I don't. 

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It is too easy to just go to the next job.


After working hundreds of Clients, I know there are enough potential problems with a new client without starting with an issue.

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