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Would you be suspicious of a freelancer with 25 pages of completed jobs in the last 4 months?

I just find it hard to believe that a single person could crank out that much work.


Hi All,


There are several reasons why a freelancer may have many contracts completed in a relatively short period of time and some of you noted possible reasons here. If you suspect any activity that may be violating Upwork TOS, feel free to flag the profile and our Trust & Safety team will surely review.

I would like to clarify that subcontracting is allowed on Upwork but only on Fixed-Price contracts and as long as it's not prohibited by the client. Feel free to check out threads here and here for some recent discussions on this topic. We hope this clarifies.


~ Arjay

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The date when the job was completed is the date the contract ended. In some cases, the projects have been completed over four months ago. There is a possibility that many contracts ended at the same time, but were completed at a later date. You can easily confirm this by looking at the start date and the amount.

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No dear.

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Not if the typical project for the freelancer was very short-term. If a freelancer typically did project that only take a couple of hours to complete, I would think they haven't been very busy over the past 4 months.

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