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So I had this client take me to the interview stage.  Then they tell me they usually pay via Western Union or MoneyGram.  I told them I'd only take payment through upwork.  So they said they'd set up a PayPal and send me the contract.  Two days later they still hadn't set up the contract and claimed PayPal wasn't working for them.  They again wanted to pay outside UpWork.  I closed the contract and reported them.  


However, in the mean time, some books they'd sent me in preparation for what they were having me do (consolidate books for shipping to a warehouse) had arrived.  So I had them send me the shipping labels to send back and I shipped them back to them.  


THEN...... get that done and the person asks if they can borrow $250 to pay a supplier because their checks don't arrive till Friday.  I screenshot the whole thing and reported them again.  Anything else arrives here and I will RTS.


Scammers are getting more and more involved aren't they?



Thanks for sending this very interseting report.


I think you know, in hindsight, that you spent way, way too much time with this joker.


Out of curiosity... if this client only took you "to the interview stage", then how did you "close the contract"?


Did they actually officially hire you, and you had an actual Upwork contract?

Sorry I should have phrased this better.  I withdrew my proposal.

Robin, would you happen to have $50 by any chance? I'll repay you tomorrow.

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Rene, it goes like this: "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today"! How many people recall that one?

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Gosh, I can't believe I still remember that. Now that's a sign of a good cartoon 🙂

When you reported the client the first time, did Upwork act on it? I can't quite get my head round the fact that you gave them your home address (presumably when you were interviewed), but went on communicating with this person, when you returned the

books . . . Cat Surprised



Were they at least good books?


Text books

I told them I shipped the books. The money request was sent a few minutes later in reply

I'm sure you've figured it out by now, but the freight shipping jobs are usually scams.

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