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Wow UW, just WOW! You REALLY messed up!

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Natasa M Member Since: May 8, 2014
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Yes, agreed-had the exact same situation couple of months ago.

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Pia M Member Since: Feb 26, 2015
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Woooohoooooo! CS acted reasonably fast to my response, all cleared now. Also had a chat with the client tonight; he'd been using the messenger app for those messages, so even that can't be counted as reliable. Heads up everyone!

I'll treat this as a lesson learned, hope it helps someone else too.

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Pandora H Member Since: May 11, 2010
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I've already written one rant about the message center today, and now I see this thread.




@Pia, by now you probably have probably realized what all of us Upwork veterans have been aware of for a long time:


The message center (NO MATTER WHICH VERSION) is buggy. Totally, 100% not dependable for ongoing client message and file transfers.


Set up altenative ways to communicate with clients (not personal accounts), and next time you take on a new client, you know to pass on that data BEFORE you get screwed by the system.


I generally shy away from saying anything on a global level, like "everyone should do this" goes.....


EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE ALTERATIVE communicate with clients. Or face the conseqeunces when you least expect it.

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Pia M Member Since: Feb 26, 2015
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As I said, it's a lesson learned, in this case alternative ways were implemented but due to circumstances didn't take effect.


Evelina pointed out a valid concern; to be polite even if the client went MIA.


Let's assume in this case the client actually went MIA (for own purposes, not because of UW failure). If I'd given the client a good rating anyway and knowingly told everyone about it: I would have been publicly beheaded by the community for supporting a bad client and exposing a threat to other freelancers to get scammed.


We Finns have a couple of traits that we're both proud of but can also sometimes lead us in an uncomfortable situation;


1. We're exceptionally bad at complimenting ourselves; for example profile building and bidding (at least for me) has been a challenge, as we're not good at telling what we're good at. But we sure know the ways of telling why we're "maybe not as good and not the right fit" because


2. We're by nature very modest, we feel uncomfortable talking about our skills and good traits, and


3. We're BRUTALLY honest. I think this is the most valid point here. It doesn't matter if it comes to relationships, communities, working environment or just grocery shopping. If you ask an American how's it going. Not bad,  and you? British, how are you? I'm fine thank you. But Finns. You get what you ask for.


I think that's also one of the reasons I had the guts to tell my client (before knowing better) what I think, as he actually comes from a culture that is even more straight forward than us (most of us call them rude, I think it's just great when you actually speak your mind and don't resort to empty compliments)


Now I got off the track..