Wow do I want to reply to a job and tell them they are a joke!

I know this topic has been beaten to death, but I just saw a job looking for a translator/proofreader for $1 an hour with bonus! It would feel so good to tell this person off!! "Must work 8 hours a day...40 hours a week...maximum bid $1 an hour!! It's a posting from Hong Kong...go figure. Im sure there will be those "special" people who actually apply...but what a total insult!! Who in their right mind would even consider a job with such an insane payout?? Wow.

Insane as it is, unfortunately someone will apply. I mean 40 hrs a week is a lot of work.

Putting 'living wage' aside, this link may explain why $1/hr is actually better than other options people face around the world. It's not about employer responsibility as we are all our own small business. It is about options. Would you rather work a labor job for less than $1/hr in your own country or work online doing something you love for more? It's easy to see why there are endless line-ups of people willing to work for that. If you don't like the info from that link, do your own research. There are plenty of other sources that paint the same picture.

Well I totally agree with Susan, because I am a transcriber and a proofreader myself and I don't want to work for such a low wage. I mean if I am the client who is posting that job I will never expect quality work because what I pay is just $1 and what I will get is work worth of money. I also agree with Tony because if you go through the work history of that client, most of the contractors who are working in his projects are from Philippine, Kenya and India. I am from Sri Lanka but still I don't want to work on this project, who else want to work for $1? What about the money you spend for your internet? what about your effort? These types of job posts has to be treated by odesk and they have to impose a definite rate like elance.

Maybe they pay better to the people they move off of oDesk. I looked at the job post to see who would agree to work for this rate and came across this in the previous jobs. Job completed successfully and Will be continued on a different platform. So far its been a tremendous experience to work with and for them. Highly Recommend Jay and his team. I know a lot of people probably do this but to say this is why the contract is ending strikes me as a bit strange. Basically, I don't think there is much people can do about these low jobs especially since there are always people willing to do them. The people who choose to work for this rate must feel that it is working out for them and gives them what they need. I am surprised we are seeing these jobs given oDesk's new minimum wage policy unless they are just looking for old hires.

Susan just use one of your bids and tell them what you think, they wont take any notice but it might make you feel better. I have done it before

I understand that it is extremely annoying but -and I hate myself for saying this-if people want to be exploited-well, let them and just move on... I used to think differently and fought arguments on behalf of the others-how it is not fair and blah ,blah...Plus, when I see this statistics on how in some countries you can live on one dollar and this is used as an argument....I don't even want to comment on that. But then, the same people whom I was defending claim that they are perfectly content with 56/cents(and if they are really, really good eventually- after couple of months of the hard work they get promoted to 1.50..) The client(who probably lives in mom's basement somewhere in US) -awards them for a good work...So it goes to show that they were right all along in their judgment lol...What a moral of the story! Yes ,I know the ad that you are referring to-I see it posted at least three-four times a week. I assume that it is also someone who subcontracts using the same market as an agency-being both client and freelancer on Odesk. It shows how people can go against their own interests because if they would not work for that wages-the "client "-subcontractor would have to do his/her own work and would not be able to keep or pursue all the first-hand contracts with clients who therefore, would then post the ads for new freelancers offering original price that subcontractor " the client" is paid for... And that original price is often 10-15 times higher than they pay to the freelancer who ends up doing their job ....And I mean ,don't reply-someone who offers one dollar is not worth of your two cents.