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Writing Proposals For Voiceover Jobs

Hi, everyone...


I'm pretty new to Upwork, and I'm wondering, how are you supposed to write a proposal for a voiceover job? I've been in radio for over 5 years, and apart from listing what I've done, describing my delivery/method/accent, saying why I feel my voice would suit this particular project, and enclosing several short samples of work, what else should I be touching on? I'm confused and a bit disconcerted, as many of my proposals are turned down without an answer why, just "job closed".


I've made a portfolio, and completed my profile, but I just don't know why I'm not getting hired. Please note, I am 100% new to freelancing, and despite having read many posts in the Upwork community, I find myself stuck since my skill isn't "tangible", per se.


Any help you can give, I'm appreciative! 🙂



Jen. 🙂

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@ Jen --


IMHO the best you can do is send a very specific proposal explaining what work you have done that is similar to the client's current project. (NO generic proposals.) Be short and to the point. Include a brief voice sample that is as relevant to the project as possible, if the client has requested one, or if it seems reasonable to do so. (Do NOT provide a free "sample" that IS the project. Just a sample that is LIKE the project -- e.g., American Southern accent; breezy, confident housewife in non-accented "newscaster" American; scared little girl...)


ETA:  I just looked at your portfolio. Honestly, it's kinda boring. Relatively few voiceover clients want to hire for a PDA-type voice. Most are looking for a commercial-type voice or for a character voice. Provide samples that are shorter (take less time to load!), more varied than those you have (not all NPR-type stuff: yawn!), and include CATCHY titles!


Provide a good portfolio on your profile page and direct the client to that with a link embedded in your proposal. ("One-click" ease for the client.)

If I wanted to hire a voiceover professional, I would listen to the samples in their portfolio.


Reading text that they typed would be of limited use.

How can I help you?

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 Hi Jen,

I listened to one of your tracks (Heartland Radio spot) and think one of the best avenues for you to try is a video showcasing you in action. I come from the advertising arena and think this would greatly increase your traffic for jobs. Cut several tracks/videos, mash them together into a video and add some two-thirds graphics (what you see on the news at the bottom of the screen) and possibly an intro graphic. Not only do some clients wish to hear you, but a video presentation will go much further than a client having to click each voice-over and download the track. I would also go as far as branding yourself, logo identity can also be a driving force in your work. If people start to recognize your brand, you are becoming relevant. Also, Spice up the wording on your profile to make me WANT to hire you.



This was MOST helpful!! This is why I reached out, brainstorming almost always leads to me finding solutions I hadn't thought of before. This is an excellent idea, and I thank you so much. Getting to work on developing a storyboard this afternoon. 🙂





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When clients hire me, it is just in part because of the writing samples I provide. Because as a freelancer, what I am really offering is the solution to a problem. I could write the best articles in the world but if I don't solve the client's problem my skill doesn't matter. Are you efficient, reliable, skilled and easy to work with? Make sure those traits come through in your proposals. 

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