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Wrong Upwork tracking used last week

Dear Upwork Community,
I need your help to fix the Upwork tracking. I made the mistake last week that is I run the  Upwork tracker for the wrong project. Now the weekend is ended.  "and the Timesheet for Sep 6 - 12 (last week) in review" 

how I can remove the tacker time from that contract? the time I run that was 4:40 hours. I want to add this time for the right contract.


Please let me know how I can fix it.



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There is no tool or button for that.


It is not Upwork's intention that you contact Upwork Customer Support to ask for help with this matter.


You need to handle this on your own.

You need to issue a refund to the client your wrongly billed. Then send a brief note apologizing for the error.


You are not required to seek payment for those hours. You are allowed to only issue a refund to the wrongly billed client.


If you want to seek payment for those hours, then you may send a brief note the client who should have been billed, apologizing for your mistake, and ask him to pay you using the client-side "Send bonus" tool.

Thank you for your Quick Response. and What about my JSS will also drop?

re: "What about my JSS will also drop?"


This has nothing to do with JSS.

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