Wrong behavior for "view details" in proposals

I searched but couldn't find anyone complaining about this (but I could be wrong so my apology if this is a duplicate thread).


Whenever I click the "view details" link at the top of any conversation, I'm being redirected to Upwork's homepage. This is wrong behavior because in the past I used to be redirected to the job description linked to the conversation in question. This should be the right way of doing it otherwise the "view details" link is useless.


Can you please fix this? I've been struggling with it since several days now.


Many thanks.


I don't even have a "view details" button....


In Proposals I have "view Job Posting?" which takes me to the job posting?


view job posting.jpg



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Wassim,


I believe you're referring to the link in Messages? I've tested a few message rooms on your end and the links are working properly and directing me to the proposal page. If you could identify the link which is redirecting you to the home page please pm me, so I could try to replicate and ask our team to investigate.