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Wrong message from oDesk

I am receiving this email from oDesk to my email account:



Still need a freelancer? Here's some top talent!


Still need a freelancer, Manoj kumar?


Here are some recommendations for top pros whose skills match your recent search:


3 freelancer’s name (Not given here due to oDesk policy)


Find more freelancers (Green Button)


Happy working,
The oDesk Crew



Why am I keep on getting this message? I don’t have client account in oDesk and I only have freelancer account and I had used oDesk’s “Browse Freelancers” feature to check whether my name was appearing in the search list or not. I think oDesk is sending this message to everyone who are using this feature without checking whether they have a client or freelancer account.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Manoj Kumar,


I am sorry you keep receiving notifications that you are not supposed to. I would suggest reconfiguring your notifications settings. If the notifications still keep coming, please send a ticket request to Customer Support so they can assist you with the issue.

~ Valeria

Hi Valeria! Imagine my surprise when I read this new thread this morning.

So despite good freelancers not showing up in client searches for freelancers, and despite the search for jobs features available for freelancers to search for good jobs and good clients being far from the best, clients are being sent emails that suggest what freelancers clients might hire?

I have not received any quality invitations for almost a year now, and the search for jobs features available for freelancers are useless.

Please sign me up for that mailing list!


Edited 01/09/2015 RT/lwm


Ron aka LanWanMan