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Yet another bug

Community Guru
Abinadab A Member Since: Sep 26, 2016
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When a client who dragged their feet on closing a contract eventually closes the contract and eventually gives feedback.

Freelancer gives feedback too.


Let's say the contract started on July 2018 and was finally ended on August 2019, but the last task for that contract was done back in July 2018.

As soon as both sides leave feedback, on the freelancer's profile, the client's feedback will appear right on top of their work history.

On the client's profile, freelancer's feedback will be buried deep down below all the client's contracts that have been completed from July 2018 till date.

In fact, on client's profile it will read July 2018, while on freelancer's profile it will read July 2018 - August 2019.

Such a bummer. This is unfair, unjust, and just wrong.

If client's feedback displays prominently on FL's profile according to when contract was ended (which is ages after the last payment was made on that contract), FL's feedback shouldn't display on client's profile on the basis of when the last payment was made.

Please fix this and stop making nonsense out of freelancers' feedback.


Use the same measure.

Community Manager
Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Abinadab,


I believe I found the Hourly contract you're referring to and will check with the team to confirm if it's sorted in the client's recent history by design. 

Community Guru
Abinadab A Member Since: Sep 26, 2016
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Thank you, Vladmir Vladimir.

I hope they sort it out and arrange it in client's history according to the same chronological order it appears in freelancer's history.

As soon as it is fixed I'll proceed to mark this thread as solved.