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Yet another post about favoring freelancers

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Jonathan P Member Since: Jun 28, 2015
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So I put up  post not to long ago about upwork favoring the freelancers more and here comes another one. So I finally got my top rated badge and enjoyed it for maybe two weeks. A client that I had up who just stop talking to me all togther finally ended the contract and left a review that droped me out of the top rated section. I'm not sure what was stated but this anonymous reviews about the freelancers is kind of bull.

If we get stuck with a client who ends up just dropping conversation all togther and than complains months after the fact, we should have a chance to defend our position to make sure that our stats are up to where we work for them to be. This new system that Upwork has up, makes it feel like this site is slowly becoming a content mill instead of just a job board. We have the connects system which we where told would make it easier to land gigs (which it doesn't) and we have this anonymous system where only one side of the party can voice their concerns and not the other.


Before I get the "community gurus" with their talk of enjoy your freedom, the freelancers are the ones who generate the profit on the site. A little more effort to help us with jobs and contracts, the more money the freelancers are going to make which in turn is going to generate more funds for upwork. We should be on even ground with clients, especailly since there is no minum payment on this web site (because you know, having clients only offer low wages is freedom).


I do like the layout of the site, but I am starting to become annoyed by how little control freelancers really have when it comes to their profiles. Anonymous messages from clients without having the chance to state our side is kind of a bs pratice. If we are expected to answer promotly, deliver work in resonable time frames, than the same should be expected from the clients as well. Currently I have another client who just stopped talking to me after a couple of assingments and I am worried that taking that contract is going to effect my standing even more.

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Mehmood M Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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Agree with Jonathan P.

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