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Your account is suspended permantly


i am writing my concern from my brother's account because i am not able to post this from my profile.

I couldn't get why my account has been suspended because i didn't do anything wrong with upwork but still they suspended my account permantly. from last one year i really did very hard work to make my profile top rated but in one day they suspended that even without telling me the reason and complete their investigation.

15 days ago i was hired by client and i did work for that client and after 7 days i received any email your account is on hold due to iregular activity found on your account. i told them to provide me the reason what is the issue and what is my mistake so that i take care that in future and they told me your client has failed to pay his payment thats why your account is on hold. i have provided them all the things they required and all the information i have about that client but still after 7-8 days i got email your account is permantly deactiavted. that moment is very depressed for me because i really did very hard work for this profile but mistake is mine i trust alot on upwork and make this as my carrer. i thought this is the best platform to make my carrer but i was wrong. upwork team don't care about anything they are doing what they actually want and in favour of all clients. 

they didn't provide me any big reason why my account was suspended, just because of i worked for that client and one more thing before accepting that offer i have checked client's profile and it was perfect like his payment method was verified he spent around 20k$ on upwork so thats why i thought the client is good and i accept that offer and start working but i am not aware from this and don't have idea what it will effect on my account.

i only have one concern with upwork team why they didn't complete the investigation and get that client who was failed to pay. in the last i suggest you guys not to make upwork priority and choose other freelancing platform instead of using this upwork, who will take care of their customer and listen your point of view atleast.

it is very ridiculs to get this response from upwork because i have worked for that client this is my mistake?

i told upwork team to check my previous work and feedback from my current clients but they didn't listen anything and did whatever they want to do. please guys not to make this your priority or never independent on upwork they can get back all your hard work in one moment and that will be very depressing for you guys. please make options as well if you want to use upwork.they even didn't return my earnings which was already on my account that is very cheap upwork. they only need money and they only think about their earnings.


Thanks upwork team to providing this support to me. thank you so much for this cheap support and this platform which you are providing for your funding nothing more than this, i will keep this in mind always


Thank you



Hi Krishan,


Could you please click on my picture next to this post and send me a private message with more info about the account you need help with?
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