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Your contract is on hold

Hi Upwork support team,

I have two contracts with one client, the two contracts require different skills and that is why the client could have separated them. Both contracts placed on hold.

I received an email from Upwork this morning telling me they have placed my contract on hold, without any reasons. I'm curious and want to know why.

Sometimes, it's better that Upwork be very transparent with freelancers. We are the reason why you're in business and as such, it is mandatory that you provide reasons why you take some decisions.

I'm pissed off, Upwork.
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Denzil,


Sorry to hear that about the status of your contracts. Please, make sure to stop working on these contracts and continue only after you can see that the contracts have been resumed. While I can't share details about the client's account for privacy reasons, I'll follow up with our team regarding this case and we'll reach out to the client as soon as possible.


Thank you!

~ Bojan
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