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Your earnings are displayed on your public profile !

Have you noticed that oDesk displays your earnings on your public profile for everyone to see, without even asking your permission? Does anyone know how to change that?

Hi, Looking at your profile, you are not new, so you must be aware that this has always been the case. If you dont want anyone to see your profile, mark it private, but of course, any job you apply for will allow the client to see your profile. Personally, I don't see what the problem is.

Hi Joyce, Why do you see this as a problem?

I also have a problem with this. I dont want any random person searching for me to see my earnings. Just like if you worked in an office job, would you want your salary displayed on the office bulletin board for everyone to see? It's a privacy issue. And the option to mark your profile as private isnt a good solution. I DO want potential employers to see me and my profile, the only thing I'd like not displayed is my earnings. I'd suggest that Odesk just hide the "Total Earnings" part for each job.
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